Obtaining a Job

Seeking Good People...

The University Writing Center is always looking for good writers from all disciplines and majors to join our team of writing coaches.

Undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in working as coaches at the Center should contact Gail Jacky at gjacky@niu.edu.   

The University Writing Center requires its coaches attend ongoing training sessions and faculty meetings that will train you to consult with writers in different disciplines, to respond to online writers, and to assist writers whose native language is not English. You'll learn how to help others by working with various writing samples, formats, and texts. You will collaborate with faculty who integrate writing in their courses.   

Schools, business firms, and other organizations establish writing centers to promote better written communication. By joining the staff of the University Writing Center, you will gain experience and knowledge that can enhance your job search after you earn your degree. You will become a better writer, reader, and teacher, and your resume will get a valuable boost! 

We hire undergraduate peer coaches, graduate coaches, and receptionists.

To learn more about being an undergraduate peer coach, please read the peer coach job description.

To learn more about being a graduate coach, please read the graduate coach job description.

To learn more about being a receptionist, please read the receptionist job description.