Sentence Structure Quiz

10) Select the answer that appropriately avoids a run-on:

 Tina worked at the car wash, where she was positioned at the cash register; she liked what she did, although some customers were rather brusque with her; all in all, things weren't too bad for Tina.

 Sometimes Marigold resented her name, as she thought her parents should have given her something more typical, like Susan or Geraldine, but she sort of grew to accept that she was named after a flower, and marigolds are actually quite pretty, so by the time she was eighteen and legally able to change her name, she didn't do it.

 Tattoos are somewhat painful as they are being applied to the skin, but the irritation does not end there. Rather, the skin that has been tattooed tightens, and an itching sensation continues for a week or two.

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