MLA Quiz

10) Which of the following is a correct Works Cited page entry for a book with multiple authors?

 Isley, Pamela, and Quinzel, Harleen Frances. How to Be Good at Being Bad. Gotham: Bat Press, 2015. Print.

 Donaghy, Jack, Tracy Jordan, and Liz Lemon. Keeping It Real When Everything Is Fictional. New York City: Just For Laughs, 2014. Print.

 Mindelan, K., Trebond, A., & Salmalín, D. Female Excellence in Combat and Science. Tortall: Emelan Books, 1943. 

 Lawless, Lucy, and Renee O'Connor. "Moving On From Probably The Best Show Of All Time." New Zealand: Books, Books, Books, 2001. Print.

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