MLA Quiz

8) Which of the following correctly cites to multiple sources?

 Humankind is only recently coming to terms with how scary the animals of the deep ocean truly are (Cousteau 14, Murray 2, and Marlin, Dory, & Nemo 1).

 Several authors wrote about how Mark Twain not only wrote excellent novels but also played the ukulele in several jazz bands throughout the course of his life.

 Many discrepancies have been noted with regard to the number of puppies one dalmatian can feasibly produce in a single litter (Disney, W., 18; Darling, R., 101)

 Often, a movie is drastically different than the book that was its source material; in some cases, the fans of the book never accept the movie and sometimes go so far as to pretend that movie does not exist (Everdeen 10; Dumbledore 102; Jackson 224). 

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