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4) Which of the following is the incorrect way to cite a source?

Poe, Edgar J. The Snitching Liver. Lichtenstein: Oh So Scary Books, 2015. Print.

Excerpt from page 311: "As I wandered the halls, I could feel my treacherous liver quailing at the very thought of her rage. Nay, I thought, I would not cringe away from my death, even if I felt her retribution undeserved and misplaced. Steeling myself and ignoring my quaking innards, I stalked into the powder room and demanded answers. If I were to die for what transpired, then I had to know what truly took place three years ago. What she had to say startled me, for she was not the one who betrayed me - my liver was."

 To emphasize the narrator's growing dissociation with himself, Poe personifies the parts of the narrator's body and writes, "I could feel my treacherous liver quailing..." (311). 

 By leaving readers on a cliffhanger and not explaining what took place three years prior to the events of the short story, Poe creates dramatic tension (311).

 The narrator's body betrays him in many ways, though he does not become aware of the true treachery until the woman informs him (Poe 311).

 Even though the narrator is vaguely aware that his body is not behaving properly, he does nothing (Poe, 2015, p. 311).

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