Links to Online Sources for Writers

Online Writing Labs (OWLS)

Purdue University -- One of the best, most accessible sites. Self-help for students, handouts for teachers, advice on different kinds of writing tasks, excellent links, ESL and WAC sources. 
For those interested in writing center concerns, back issues of Writing Center Newsletter available. 

Assistance for Speakers Whose First Language Is Not English

Language Practice Site, California State-Northridge — The home of Dave's ESL Cafe provides online chat, entertaining activities, tips for ESL writers, many other links.

Ann Raimes ESL Tip Sheets -- An excellent source for understanding the features of ESL students' different native languages and seeing what kinds of errors the students will need to anticipate (sponsored by Houghton Mifflin).


Online Handbooks and Grammar Help

Writer's Handbook, University of Wisconsin-Madison -- A great compendium of information on usage and a fine resource for documentation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

Guide to Grammar and Writing -- Quizzes on grammar and usage and a list of links to help students sharpen practice.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant -- Well-maintained resource for students that describes the writing process and provides ample advice.

NIU's thesis and dissertation information

The Thesis and Dissertation Office Resources

Guidelines for Preparing a Thesis at NIU 

Guidelines for Preparing a Dissertation at NIU